Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More intensity!!!

Hello world wide webbers!

Do some fucking work - its a Wednesday afternoon. Ok read this intead.

So its a pretty historic day - Mr Obama has actually gone and got himself quite a good new job. He beat Old Man River in a bit of a land slide victory and then delivered a speech so inspiring that it makes the back of your neck stand to attention and wave a flag around like a goon!

Yes he's the new president of the free world - something so revolutionary in thought and execution I am still in shock about it. You read about most of the the US being backward, God fearing, Dubya loving racists that its genuinely amazing to have a black man in the white house!

Anyway - its reinspired me today - truly. Ignited again the fire of why we're doing this. All this money we're going to raise is going to help a shit load of people around the world and we few generated it from nothing. I feel what we're pushing harder and faster than ever, momentum and focus in Hilary is at a all time high. There's a thousand emails a day pinged around about various runs and climbs that we're going to do, ideas to generate cash and word of mouth. Its amazing stuff and I feel lucky to be a part of it!

I'm entering the Grim Challenge next month - 8 miles of gruelling running through mud and shit in the cold. I feel sick about it top be honest. Running is something I hate on a very fundamental level - so doing it through God knows' what amount of crap for quite along time really scares me. But, its nothing compared to the the challenges overcome by todays election - and makes me realise sometimes you just have to man up, get on with it.


White-Pages said...

Mate - I'll hold your hand when it gets Grimmest!

Proud Mum said...

Keep it up and all you guys will make history too. Nothing easy is worthwhile. xxx