Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More intensity!!!

Hello world wide webbers!

Do some fucking work - its a Wednesday afternoon. Ok read this intead.

So its a pretty historic day - Mr Obama has actually gone and got himself quite a good new job. He beat Old Man River in a bit of a land slide victory and then delivered a speech so inspiring that it makes the back of your neck stand to attention and wave a flag around like a goon!

Yes he's the new president of the free world - something so revolutionary in thought and execution I am still in shock about it. You read about most of the the US being backward, God fearing, Dubya loving racists that its genuinely amazing to have a black man in the white house!

Anyway - its reinspired me today - truly. Ignited again the fire of why we're doing this. All this money we're going to raise is going to help a shit load of people around the world and we few generated it from nothing. I feel what we're pushing harder and faster than ever, momentum and focus in Hilary is at a all time high. There's a thousand emails a day pinged around about various runs and climbs that we're going to do, ideas to generate cash and word of mouth. Its amazing stuff and I feel lucky to be a part of it!

I'm entering the Grim Challenge next month - 8 miles of gruelling running through mud and shit in the cold. I feel sick about it top be honest. Running is something I hate on a very fundamental level - so doing it through God knows' what amount of crap for quite along time really scares me. But, its nothing compared to the the challenges overcome by todays election - and makes me realise sometimes you just have to man up, get on with it.

Monday, 22 September 2008


nothing for 2 months. too busy to write. not bothered anymore. over it.

not true - any of it. Shits been getting real on a personal level and this has gone down the pecking order a bit, but I'm back and ready to expload verbally all over myself!!

Very nervous about the Hillary / Tenzing cricket match on Saturday. Very nervous. I need practise, a basic understanding of twenty20, and some kit. None of it is going to be easy to sort out!!

Still, should be a good opportunity to suss out the opposition on a competitive level. Find out whether anyone is actually any worse than me. Doubtful. I've been put in at number 5 which I cant figure out is a mistake, a typo, of whether no-one knows if anyone catch actually swing a bat and just tossed a coin!

On other fronts, the documentary is coming on nicely. Wes and Kirt have met my editors who are cutting and post producing the film for free. Everyone seems to be on the same page. We've cut together about 1.30 mins so far - not an epic amount but they'll be loads to put in there come next spring.

More bloggidge soon, less of a gap!


Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Struggle

Afternoon all!

So last time I wrote a post, I was watching Nadal and Fedderer's epic 5 setter - I was obviously getting into the spirit of things as I felt at the end of that match that anything is achievable. Physically I mean.

Those 2 nutters train everyday all year round and have the time to perfect their strength, technique, stamina etc to improve their overall game. We, the Everest lot, have to fit in all our fitness around our usual lives. I'm sure most of the 50 or so of us have going have never endevoured in such a big commitment of time and imput - a years worth of involvement in 1 project is a massive undertaking - I'm still coming to turns with it!

And I love it!

I love the fact that we have so much to do, all of us. We HAVE to work as a team. We HAVE to get on with each other, or this idea wont work. And we'll look very very silly. I famously have quite a big mouth and I've told everyone I know and their dog about Everest and our struggle for greatness. Imagine if we didn't get round to it! Or couldn't be arsed after a month or 2 of being on board. Silly silly faces!

So, we struggle on, raising awareness, hopefully raising some cash. Inspiring people. Impessing people! There's nothing wrong with that i dont think - the more we inspire (intimidate even!) the more we can change things. Thats awesome. People should feel they want to join something after hearing about us. Thats one goal I want to achieve.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

I wanna be like Rafa

Hello and welcome to my first attempt at creative personal writing since the age of 11! Should be about the same standard

So we've been asked to start a little blog about and all that it entails...I'm not going to bore you with the history of it all and what and why we 50 few are trekking to the highest montain in the world to play a spot of twenty20 - I'm going to bore you instead with my personal journey over the next 9 months from feeble mortal to Rafa-like powerhouse. (I'm watching the Wimbledon final and getting some inspiration from Nadal's shear strength - what does he feed those pythons?!?)

I, like everyone else, have been on board for almost 3 months - getting more and more excited and more and more scared about the roles we are all undertaking. I'm in charge of shooting a documentary of all our progress over the next year and also whilst we're up there. Paul Stadden is my other half on this and we have a few ideas about how to keep this fresh, inspirational and funny. Almost everything this blog isn't!

As well as the doc, I thought a good way to build up some momentum and interest, and just cos its awesome, is to shoot a Team Hilary music video, with the 15 or so us us pissing about trying to either cover Vanilla Ice's seminal work "Ice Ice Baby" or indeed, The Zutons "Valerie", a track who's sole inclusion was that we could replace the title with our own, Hilary. There's much method in our madness as you can see.

Well as an introduction to me and our struggle for greatness, please except this 1st stab at cohesive thought as acceptable, and if you stopped reading 25 lines ago, I dont you blame you!

Next time - fitness, and my lack of it.....